Compute in the Cloud
Purchasing and supporting desktop PCs costs time and money, and the capital costs of the hardware are relatively small.

And that's only the beginning. The data your workforce creates needs a server to store it on, and this needs to be backed up to guard against disaster. Want email? Buy another server (and the email server software). The money soon adds up.

Increasingly, users need remote access to their documents, or to be able to collaborate on them, which introduces more complexity and cost to your IT costs.

Add anti-virus software, spam filtering, and software updates to this, and you'll soon be writing large cheques on a regular basis.

Compare this with its Cloud-based counterpart.

Users with a generic PC or Mac create and access their documents across the internet. From anywhere or anywhen. Documents are backed up automatically, and multiple people can work on the same document simultaneously.

There are no software updates to worry about. No server to buy. No backup tapes to swap. Just round-the-clock access to your information.
Backup to the Cloud
Not convinced that Cloud Computing is for you? Maybe you have systems that aren't yet ready for it, or are tailored in a way that you just can't do 'in the cloud' yet. Don't worry, Cloud Computing has something for everyone.

Look at your backup. You do backup, don't you?

You buy tapes to copy your valuable company data onto. Someone swaps the tape daily, and so it goes on.

These tapes are not cheap and, to be brutally honest, yesterday's technology. They are slow, unreliable, and require expensive devices and software to make them do anything at all.

What if you had a fire? Would your tapes be safe? How long would it take to buy another drive to restore your data? Would you be able to restore your data...?

Wouldn't it be better to backup your data to somewhere that was always available, accessible from anywhere?

That's where cloud-based backups come into their own. Your servers and/or desktops replicate to a secure, ultra-reliable, online repository and your data is safe.

Backups can be done real-time, or scheduled like a traditonal backup, and optional encryption keeps your information doubly-secure.