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Jolicloud manages your cloud apps beautifully

posted 11 Mar 2011, 03:18 by Iain McLaren
All those web apps we use, brought together in one simple operating system. That's the promise of Jolicloud, and it definitely delivers that, while opening up a whole world of other possibilities.

It either boots from CD (for evaluation), plays nice alongside Windows (for dual-boot), or installs as your desktop/laptop OS. It claims to be compatible with older hardware (up to 10 years old), and could therefore breathe new life into old equipment.

With 1000's of apps to choose from (all delivered on-demand), including Google Apps and Microsoft Office Live, this could quite easily be the de-facto operating system of choice for a business determined to keep their IT spend, and carbon footprint, to a minimum.

What's more, even if you are not at your PC, you can access an online version of your desktop through a supported web browser.

Jolicloud Screenshot